The Project .

Please find a good overview on the project in this PDF-presentation compiled by the project coordinator: EIA PP Stia April 2017.pdf (3.2MB)

The current project „European Iron Academy“ is about strengthening craftsmanship education in the field of metal forming across Europe. Forging and metal designers need further continuous training to keep up with developments, to recognise the trends, to respond properly and professionally.

Within the Erasmus+ programme, this project is about making the first steps towards a European Iron Academy to provide a continuous vocational training offer. The core object of this actual project is mainly to analyse and visualise in the field of metal forming:

  • an inventory of content and level of education in Europe (Output 1)
  • a list with learning outcomes in the various European educational programs (Output 2)
  • creating a website as essential learning platform (Output 3)

The European Iron Academy aims to be a cross-border organising academy, which is not tied to a specific location. It focuses on all people, students and teachers, practicing blacksmiths and metal designers in European countries.

In the first phase of the Erasmus+ Project, European Iron Academy is creating the above mentioned three outputs (2015-2017). In a second phase the content of the education will be filled in (2018-2021).