Common European Learning Outcomes (Output 2)

for training and advanced education for blacksmiths and metalwork designers .

In the Erasmus+ KA2 project European Iron Academy, all partners assembled informations about the blacksmith qualifications in their country. The informations contained a brief or more detailed description of key activities, competences, skills and associated knowledge. Out of this huge amount of information, we identified which key activities were common in the qualifications in the partner countries. These qualifications were described in competence units. The competence units are closely linked to professional activities. The competence units are defined in terms of learning outcomes. Each learning outcome is expressed and can be assessed as a whole; including personal and social competences.

The consortium of the European Iron Academy worked on defining competences at EQF levels 2 to 5 according to the European Qualification Framework.

Here you find the full text document including the learning outcomes for EQF levels 2 to 5.