Multiplier Event – Andelst, Netherlands

8 November 2017

Wall presenstations in PDF format

PDF-Presentation “Introduction” by Janny Huisman

PDF/PREZI-Presentation “Output 1” by Melinda Meijer

PREZI Presentation Output 1 online here

PDF-Presentation “Output 2” by Cees Pronk

Presentation of “Output 3” was a conversational explanation in front of the audience by Joseph Hofmarcher & Jan Lauro

It was about this website of the European Iron Academy as an online database of VET providers for blacksmithing and as a permanent presentation of the project outputs to the public.

PDF-Presentation “Future Vision” in a conversation by Thomas Hochstädt, Monica Ciabatti, Roberto Magni

The EIA project partners present the outcomes of the projects in front of roughly 70 stakeholders from the field of blacksmith education in the Old Auction Hall of Zetten-Andelst.

Famous dutch singer-songwriter Josephine Swaan moderated the day and guided through the program.

Workgroup businessplan (O4)
Preparations of presentations for the Multiplier Event

Partners present during meeting:

Associazione Autonoma per la Biennale d’Arte Fabbrile di Stia, Italy:
Liliana-Monica Ciabatti, Roberto Magni

Tannhäuser Schmiede Ybbsitz, Austria:
Thomas Hochstädt, Joseph Hofmarcher

Muzeum Komenského v Přerově, Czech Republic:
Radim Himmler, Jan Lauro

Mondra Opleidingen BV, Netherlands (Coordinator):
Janny Pronk-Huisman, Cees Pronk

Ring of the European Cities of Iron Works, Germany:
President Peter Kloo, Vice-President Bernhard Ruf, Chief Executive Melinda Meijer

Europäisches Zentrum für zeitgemäße Metallgestaltung Kolbermoor, Germany:
Michael Ertlmeier, Peter Elgaß

Education expert, Netherlands:
Barbara Ponsteen

Partners not present during meeting:

Raseko, Finland: Petri Tölkko, Teo Mero, Hannu Koivisto