Learning Videos .

Here you find a selection of Learning Videos provided by associated partners of the European Iron Academy.

(1a) forging a chisel point

(1b)  point forging with an air-hammer

(2a) forging a tap

(2b) big nail forging with an air-hammer

(3a) forging of a sphere

(3b) fishmouth firewelding

(4a) forging of an eye

(4b) lip firewelding

(5a) forging a sharp angle 1 thin

(5b) snub firewelding

(6a) forging a sharp angle 2

(6b) ring firewelding

(7a) forging a wind hook

(7b) breakplate firewelding

(8a) forging a nail

(8b) forging a doorhinge

(9a) forging a ornamental curl

(9b) forging a firehook

(10a) forging of holes

(10b) forging a donkey

(11a) forging a knotted-hole

(12a) forging a double curl

(13a) forging square crossing

(14a) Forging a special hole

(15a) forging a gradient

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